Testimonials from our Sister Publication

A Great Big, pilule Small Town, Newspaper

In 2005, I started a newspaper in the Los Feliz area called the Los Feliz Ledger. Since that time, the paper has grown to a typical 28 pages each month. We deliver 34,500 papers each month to homes and businesses in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village and the Hollywood Hills.

Our readers tell us the paper has changed the community—brought it together in a way it has never been before. People often stop me on the street and tell me: “We love the Ledger. We read it from cover to cover. In fact, it’s the only paper we read cover to cover!”

We feel confident the Mid City Press will do the same in our area. Whether it’s helping local readers understand how complex city, county, state or nationwide issues affect them, or a story about the passing of a long time community activist, the Mid City Press will be the community’s “Great Big, Small-Town Newspaper.”


Comments on the Los Feliz Ledger from Advertisers

To understand a little bit about our track history, it’s good to look at comments from advertisers of the Los Feliz Ledger.

“The Los Feliz Ledger has played an important role in the growing success of our business. It has opened windows of opportunity for us in helping and reaching out to the community.” –Dr. Efma Almario, DDS, Hillhurst Avenue

“The Los Feliz Ledger [has] become the glue of our neighborhood. . . When the first four new clients to call in 2006 informed me they’d found my practice [in an ad] in the Ledger, I knew the glue was sticking.”— Brandi Beck, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist, Silver Lake

“For Jelmert & Locke Group, advertising in the local media is a must and we feel very fortunate to have a local newspaper like the Los Feliz Ledger. Allison and her staff have been great to work with, providing layout assistance and a sense of partnership in connecting the community. And lots of people stop and tell us: Hey! We saw your ad in the Los Feliz Ledger!”— Michael J. Locke, Jelmert and Locke Group Realtors