Write In Candidate Gavin Glynn

By Erik Derr, Mid-City Press Contributor

Gavin Glynn is running for public office because of a commitment he made 10 years ago.

The West Adams entertainment producer was the man the Walt Disney Company asked to open up its theme parks in Japan. He also served as a consultant for ex-White House spokesman-turned ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos.

But Glynn decided to put his career on hold and adopt four teenage siblings who had just lost their mother that earned him national headlines. He was a pale Irish American while his sudden children were black.

Since then, sale Glynn’s life has been filled with all the craziness that goes with raising a platoon. Along the way, drug he’s picked up some real ideas how to make the 10th District better. As a father, he feels compelled to try.

Glynn is challenging incumbent City Council Councilmember Herb Wesson in the March 8th election as a write-in candidate. His campaign’s biggest issues are to reform area schools and fix Los Angeles’ ever-growing fiscal crisis.

“California is seventh-largest economy in the world, so we are entitled to a larger slice of the kickback pie from the federal tax dollars,” Glynn said.  “Well, there isn’t any, so everything’s pretty much hurting and there’s a huge deficit and the city council was banking on that, literally.”

All 15 members of the city council “said yes to too many projects, too many programs, and so now we’re in this huge deficit,” he said. “On Wall Street, if you’re a stock broker and you spend everybody’s money and you don’t accept responsibility for it, that’s called ‘moral hazard,’ So, we have 15 councilpersons who are really guilty of ‘moral hazard.’”

The city council, Glynn continued, “was trusted to do this correctly and you don’t have the wherewithal to understand that when you take money out of here, it reverberates in this area over here. So, now we have to chose whether we want 24 hour protection by the police or the libraries to be open seven days a week.”

According to the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, Glynn, who is running as a Green Party member—and has pledged a paperless campaign—has not collected any campaign donations.

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