Chris Brown: Youngest Candidate In The Race

By Shirley Hawkins, Mid-City Press Contributor

As one of the youngest candidates in Los Angeles city election history, healing 10th District candidate Chris Brown, 29, is certain to bring boundless enthusiasm, energy and new ideas if elected to the council seat on March 8th.

Brown’s key concerns in his bid for city council in his words, are a lack of accessibility to constituents by current Council District 10 representative Herb Wesson; an idea of an “E-Waste” recycling to generate money for the city and concern over the loss of jobs in the area, including that of his wife, who was laid off from her position as an 8th grade teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

My wife being laid off, he said, “that is what pushed me into finding out what is going on with our city.”

And that in turn, lead him to seek the city council office.

According to Brown, he also became disgruntled after his calls and e-mails mapping out his electronic waste idea were ignored by Wesson.

The program would have Angelenos provide the city old cell phones, computers, telephones and other electronic devices that could be recycled for their parts. The recycling, he said, would be done locally, thereby creating 1,000 “green jobs” and the funds generated would go back to the city.

He predicts that such a program would generate approximately $40 million that will be earmarked to rehire laid-off LAUSD teachers. He said that these “green” jobs will also help to protect the environment.

Everyone is talking about the city’s deficit, he said, “but I am the only one with a viable plan. We could be out of this hole,” he said, “in a few years.” Brown, who has raised roughly $20,000 for his campaign—60% of that from his own pocket—is an entrepreneur, with an already proven track record of professional success.

The Fairfax High School and San Jose State University graduate entered the business world at the age of 19. He joined AT&T and later Nextel Corporate, where he quickly impressed management, becoming the youngest business account executive for Nextel in the country.

Brown is married and has one son.

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