Austin Dragon

By Erik Derr, Mid-City Press Contributor

Austin Dragon moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago to bask in the famous Southern California Sun. Since then, this site says the Mid-City businessman and education advocate, approved he hasn’t one thing he dislikes about the city—expect the officials who run the local government.

“The people, the culture, their languages,” make the City of Angeles a truly angelic place,” he said. But, “we the people have been electing a certain kind of person to elective office, and that is someone who is politically connected,” and not always the most concerned about the public good. As a result, he said, “what we’ve really allowed to happen is really political dynasties that are really enriching a small number of people.”

That, Dragon said, is why he’s thrown his hat into the race for the 10th District against Incumbent Councilmember Herb Wesson, whom he’s accused at public forums of being deaf to the real needs of the community.

“I think we need to get back to people who view government as public service,” said Dragon. “I love this city and just to see with all of our talent, the wealth that we have, to basically see it being squandered really angers me, because we should be a lot further along.”

Dragon, an employment specialist and corporate recruiter who also served as the chief deputy to the president of the Los Angeles Unified School District, list three key areas in his “Move LA Forward” campaign platform: aggressively bringing business and jobs back into the city; restoring fiscal stability and ending the city’s budget crisis; and rebuilding the city infrastructure and its services.

According to the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, Dragon raised $7,069 in contributions through the end of February and had $953.28 cash-on-hand,

Dragon has been endorsed by L.A. Clean Sweep.

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