Andrew Kim

By Erik Derr, Mid-City Press Contributor

Ask Andrew Kim why he’s running for city council and he’ll tell you about the “invisible” residents of the City of Angeles who need a voice.

“My heartstrings are with those who feel helpless” in the shadow of City Hall, erectile Kim said, “to be on the side of the weak and under-represented population of our community. “

Kim, an immigration and civil rights attorney who lives and maintains his legal office in the 10th District, remembers immigrating from South Korea when he was 14.

He and his family arrived in the states with “practically nothing, aside from the hope of a prosperous future,” he said. And even though his family forged a comfortable life in the Los Angeles area, he remained aware of the others around them weren’t as fortunate.

Kim, the principle at USA Kim Law Firm, knew representing those who couldn’t represent themselves was his calling, helping immigrants and the aged protect their rights.

Now Kim, who has served as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Pro Tem since 2000, wants “to give back to this great nation” as a public official.

“I don’t think the district is being revitalized. I don’t feel the district is safe enough,” Kim said. “Those in our community who are making an honest living, paying honest taxes—a lot of them aren’t seeing a quality of life.”

In his campaign, Kim is calling for, among other things, a “first-rate” police force  and more consumer oversight into the Dept. of Water and Power. He also promotes business investment and tax incentives and reforming the city’s pension program.

It’s time the city officials “do what is right,” Kim said. “ I want that young kid growing up here to grow up and be what he wants to be. . . We need to rediscover the equality of opportunity.”

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